Buying A Domain Name, Web Hosting & Website Installation

In order to install a website, you need to have the following:

1)  A domain name >> you can buy here >> Domain Name >>  $8.99

This is highly recommended because the package comes with Free Domain Protection and  FREE WHOIS Domain Privacy so that your personal information are not shown on the internet when people search for the owner of your domain name. Think of a good name before you go to the website above to buy it.

2)  Web-hosting >> you can buy here >> Web-Hosting >> less than $1 per month


If you want us to install for you:

Installation fee is $10 per website >> you can pay below:

Please make sure you click on the link "Return to EbooksGala" after payment at Paypal website.

3) Give us your domain name

4) URL to your hosting cPanel login page

5) Login username and password to your hosting cPanel

If you already have a Domain Name and Web-hosting, just give us the info required in (3), (4) and (5) above.

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