30 Niche Ebook Business Package + Master Resell Rights

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If you are serious about earning your own income online, getting this 30 Niche Ebook Business Package + Master Resell Rights could be the right choice for you.

Unlike other "Resell Rights" products that you can get everywhere on the Net, this is a set of 30 niche ebooks which comes with Resell Rights; some Master Resell Rights and some Private Label Rights and is NOT your usual set of junk products.

What does "Master" resell rights mean?

This means that when you Sell the "Resell Rights" to this entire collection of niche ebooks or any individual ebook, your customers will also get the "Resell" rights. By giving away "Resell" rights, your customers get more value for their money and the deal will become very attractive to buy.

What can you do with this Package? 
  • Resell this 'Entire Package' and keep 100% of the profits!

  • Sell individual products some with or without resell rights!

  • Giveaway individual products to your website visitors and grow your lists!

  • Bundle any or all of these 30 niche ebooks as valuable bonuses with your existing products to increase the 'perceived value' of your offer!

  • Form profitable Joint Ventures with other marketers using any or all of these niche ebooks!

What's Included in This Package?

Everything! When you buy this package, you get everything you need to sell this Niche Ebook Business package. Here's a list of what you'll get in this Package:-

A Set of 30 niche ebooks with Master Resell Rights

This same website to sell the Entire Niche Ebook Business Package

Proven 'mini site' with nearly every ebook!

Here are some of the niche ebooks you will get...

People are worried about their health and that is why it is a billion dollar a year industry.  This ebook teaches how to use Vinegar for your health.  Bound to be a great seller!  $47 Value!


Who doesn't want to make more money?  Well not only will this ebook show a guaranteed way to make money legally but it is a huge loophole people are dying to learn! $47 Value!


Texas Holdem is huge right now and you can cash in on this very hungry market with this new ebook.  Learn strategies to come in the money nearly every hand! (Resell Rights Only) $47 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Musicians are always looking for that extra edge and this ebook will help give it to them.  There is a big market for selling music related information and now you can! $47 Value!


The cover says it all!  Obviously I don't have to tell you why this ebook is going to make you a killing!  With the World Poker Tour being the most watched card game ever you can easily see how you could make ridiculous amounts of cash selling this ebook! (Resell Rights Only) $47 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Sure you know how to play Poker but survival is a whole different story when you are playing with the big guns!  This ebook will show anyone what it takes to survive in the big times. (Resell Rights Only) $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Playing guitar is an art form and can take years to master.  This package will cut those years down to days and teach anyone how to play great guitar! $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Amazingly enough there are markets out there for everything.  This market is thirsty for information to help them make the perfect wine and spirits from home! $47 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Making your own software used to be a huge pain...until now.  In this ebook you will learn everything from what not to do to how to do it when it comes to making great software titles! $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Math is one of the most difficult subject for most people but it doesn't have to be.  Help students get through math by selling this great course! $47 Value!



Going to Japan?  Thousands of people do every day and can't speak a word of Japanese!  Show them great Japanese words and phrases to help them on their trip! $47 Value!


I never thought there was money to be made selling gaming products until I found out about one kid selling a cheat guide to a football game...He was making over $250,000 a year with just that one ebook and now you can have your own cheat guide to sell! $97 Value!


Self help is one of the world's largest industries and this ebook nicely taps into that market.  You can now provide the often searched for information on Lucid Dreaming. $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Beer...millions enjoy the taste everyday even if you absolutely hate it!  Show them how they can make a great tasting brew right from their own homes!  $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


If you have ever thought of starting your own Interior Designing business this is the ebook for you!  If not...don't be afraid to tap into this absolutely huge industry! $47 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


I love cheesecake and so do millions of others.  In this ebook people can learn how to make a delicious cheesecake! $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


When playing any card game it is most important to win as often as possible and when you lose...lose as little as possible.  This ebook will show people how to do just that! (Resell Rights Only) $47 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Moms and Dads alike are always on the go.  We just don't have time to make a 2 hour meal everyday.  This great recipe book will show how to create great tasting meals in a flash! (Resell Rights Only) $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


Come on...when is the last time you...cheated?  Give in and let loose...own this incredible ebook of dessert recipes you can make in a flash!! (Resell Rights Only) $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!


What guy doesn't have trouble picking up women?  You might be a stud but millions of men struggle with this everyday! Now you can make a killing by helping them to pick up more women! (Resell Rights Only) $97 Value!

Complete with website and sales letter!

Two Surprise Bonus Packages Worth Over $147 That You Can Use To Help Sell These Niche Packages! $147 Value!

You Are Going To Love These!

Plus...all the products see under the headline above!  Nearly all of them come with a complete sales letter, images, and the ebook itself!  A complete package that's an easy $4,517 value!

All you need to do is:-

Get this Package Now

Edit the website that comes along with the package with your name and payment details

Upload the contents to your web server

Start marketing your new product and watch the profits come in...


You can sell the 30 ebooks in this entire package individually.

Obviously we could have charged upwards of $247 but we know not everyone can afford that, and we want everyone to have a great package to use in 2006.  So if you order today you will get it for the one time low price of $9.95!

Don't let this small price tag fool you. We've priced this package low so that most of you can afford to buy.

You can resell the products individually, resell them as a package, or use them yourself! No matter what you choose you can keep 100% of the profits!

Choose To Download Everything In Just 5 Zip Files!

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30 Ready-To-Use Products With
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For your online business success,

P.S. Remember you can do anything you want with these packages!  Resell them, resell the whole package, or use them for personal use!  Just 1 sale at $9.95 and you would have made back your small investment!

P.S.S. Obviously it does not hurt me if you don't get this package.  What does matter is what you decide to do for yourself.  Will you make 2006 your year?  Will you take the action you have been telling yourself you would take?

P.S.S.S.  I forgot to mention in this letter that I am also going to be throwing in quite a few extras as well :)  Just a couple of these little extra bonuses more than double the value of this package.

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