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Dear Friend,

Have You have just completed your newest digital product and it is almost ready to enter the Internet marketplace. "Almost ready"... yeah, right.

The Internet marketplace is completely saturated with many other digital products, thus making your product stand out of the crowd is going to be your biggest challenge. Suffice to say, your first impression to a visitor of your site will either convert to a sale, or result in them clicking that little X at the top of the browser window leaving your site possibly FOREVER.

With billions of prospects waiting to be customers on the Internet, they can't touch or feel anything digital in nature letting alone taking a peek into them! And the first impression is very crucial, it can very well be the deciding factor between YOUR product and your competitor's. Since your prospect can't even get the icing of the cake, let's re-phrase that a bit! I'm going to ask you a very important question...


If the prospect has to choose ONLY ONE product, "Yours" Or Your "Competitors", which one would he choose?

The most expensive-looking professionally designed sales page, of course, price-to-price or not.

You certainly DON'T want to lose a lot of potential sales simply owing to lousy-looking designs you use for your product no matter how good your sales letter may be, because the bottom-line is that your prospects are seeing your digital product at a glance, and it takes a good 5 seconds for your prospect to either stay or turn away.

Another school of marketing lesson says that if you're going to be in business, dress in a business manner! After all, dressing your product well by giving it a professional looking design goes to show how serious you take your business and your prospects will be able to tell that, consciously or not.


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  • 3 Hot - Web 2.0 Templates, already sliced and optimized for best web performance, pre-designed as html page.

  • Special OTO Template, already optimized, sliced for best performance, pre-designed as html page.

  • For each template, there is also included a Testimonial Box, that is also optimized, sliced and pre-designed, ready to use in your html/php web page.

  • Each template is pre-coded with $7DollarScript - and is ready to take orders in the next 30 min from now!

  • With each template, included is a blank image called "header.jpg" - that is already optimized for best performance - you only need to add your own images or text, save to "images" folder, upload to your server and it's done!

  • For each template, included too is a cool/hot order button with price tag, where you may  easily edit and change the price for your product.
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  • 6 HOT - Web 2.0 Squeeze, NewsLetter Templates, optimized, sliced and pre-designed, ready to use as html/php web page.

  • With these Hypnotized squeeze templates your opt-in rate will increase over 300% - change your business lookout to the next level in less than 10 min from now!

  • If you can write short, catchy headline and info - this squeeze templates are for you and your visitors will love them!
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This kind of Squeeze/NewsLetter Templates Are Worth More Than $97, But Not Today - Why?? - Because I Have A Special Price For You, See More Below...

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  • 3 New - Hot! - Adsense Templates, optimized, sliced and pre-designed, ready to use as html/php web page.

  • Just add your pub-number and your template is ready to be uploaded to your own server.

  • Using copy and paste, you may add your own story, article, or any other content you wish.

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You never cease to amaze me at the professional graphics packages that you offer on a regular basis. You always seem to outdo yourself. It is refreshing to have a consistent source for my graphic solutions. Your packages not only benefit me by using them but I will go on record to say that I have made at least 30 times back in profits for each package I have ever purchased from you.

When I promote your packages they fly off the shelves!

Keep up the great work!

Richard Wing

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  • Bonus #1
    - Private Label Rights to - "Cool Photoshop Action Script That Creates Software Box For Your Site"

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    Once you have the Photoshop Action Script loaded into PhotoShop, just press the play button and a basic template is made for you, edit the colors and add the titles of your choice for the product or services you provide. Press play again and out pops the cover, complete and ready for your website!

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    That match your colors! Open them in PhotoShop, change text, add any image you want, go to Action Tab - and hit "Step 2" to play final action and create cool boxes like those below...
How to use Photoshop Action Script
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